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B.Tech-IT-JAVA 2019-20

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Projects List





1. Detecting Malicious URLs via a Keyword-based Convolutional Gated-recurrent-unit Neural Network 2019 IEEE Download
2. On Proactive, Transparent, and Verifiable Ethical Reasoning for Robots 2019 IEEE Download
3. A Lightweight and Efficient Secure Hybrid RSA (SHRSA) Messaging Scheme With Four-Layered Authentication Stack 2019 IEEE Download
4. Detection of fake online reviews using semi-supervised and supervised learning 2019 IEEE Download
5. Discovering the Type 2 Diabetes in Electronic Health Records using the Sparse Balanced Support Vector Machine 2019 IEEE Download
6. Serendipity—A Machine-Learning Application for Mining Serendipitous Drug Usage from Social Media 2019 IEEE Download
7. Crop Yield Prediction and Efficient use of Fertilizers 2019 IEEE Download
8. Point-of-interest Recommendation for Location Promotion in Location-based Social Networks 2018 IEEE Download
9. Noise Reduction in Web Data: A Learning Approach Based on Dynamic User Interests 2018 IEEE Download
10. Computer Vision and Machine Learning for Viticulture Technology 2018 IEEE Download
11. A novel method for implementing Artificial Intelligence, Cloud and Internet of Things in Robots 2018 IEEE Download
12. The ODNI-OUSD(I) Xpress Challenge: An Experimental Application of Artificial Intelligence Techniques to National Security Decision Support 2018 IEEE Download
13. Artificial Intelligence, Rationality, and the World Wide Web 2018 IEEE Download
14. Data Classification with Deep Learning using Tensorflow 2017 IEEE Download


1. NSAC: A Novel Clustering Protocol in Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks for Internet of Things 2019 IEEE Download
2. From Cloud Down to Things: An Overview of Machine Learning in Internet of Things 2019 IEEE Download
3. A Provably-Secure and Lightweight Anonymous User Authenticated Session Key Exchange Scheme for Internet of Things Deployment 2019 IEEE Download
4. Dynamic Load-Balancing Vertical Control for a Large-Scale Software-Defined Internet of Things 2019 IEEE Download
5. Multimedia Data Throughput Maximization in Internet-of-Things System Based on Optimization of Cache-Enabled UAV 2019 IEEE Download
6. Machine learning based network vulnerability analysis of industrial internet of things 2019 IEEE Download
7. Internet of Spatial Things: A New Reference Model with Insight Analysis 2019 IEEE Download
8. A Secure and Efficient Access and Handover Authentication Protocol for Internet of Things in Space Information Networks 2019 IEEE Download
9. Enhancement of a Lightweight Attribute-Based Encryption Scheme for the Internet of Things 2019 IEEE Download

Android Applications

1. Android Based Self Attendance System Using OTP Download
2. Cab Booking Android Application Download
3. Android Food Order and Delivery App Download
4. Android General Knowledge Chatbot Download
5. Android Paper Free Document Sharing App Project Download
6. Android Graphical Image Password Project Download
7. Android Graphical Image Password Project Download
8. Android Help Assistance near Me Download
9. Employee Task Reminder Download
10. Expense Tracker Download
11. Mobile Application Interface to Register Citizen Complaint Download
12. Student and Faculty Chatting App Download
13. Android Weather Application Download
14. Smart Alumni Discovery Download
15. Mobile super market Download
16. Mobile patient management system Download

Cloud Computing

1. Fog Computing as a Complementary Approach to Cloud Computing 2019 IEEE Download
2. SLA-Based Agile VM Management in Cloud & Datacenter 2019 IEEE Download
3. Efficient Task Scheduling for Applications on Clouds 2019 IEEE Download
4. A Simple and Secured Cryptography System of Cloud Computing 2019 IEEE Download
5. A Novel Predictive Resource Allocation Framework for Cloud Computing 2019 IEEE Download
6. Lightweight and Privacy-Preserving Delegatable Proofs of Storage with Data Dynamics in Cloud Storage 2018 IEEE Download
7. Optimization of Tasks in Cloud Computing Based on MAX-MIN, MIN-MIN and Priority 2018 IEEE Download
8. A Hierarchical Receding Horizon Algorithm for QoS-driven control of Multi-IaaS Applications 2018 IEEE Download
9. Access Control by Signature-Keys to Provide Privacy for Cloud and Big Data 2018 IEEE Download
10. Efficient and Privacy-preserving Online Fingerprint Authentication Scheme Over Outsourced Data 2018 IEEE Download
11. Karma: Cost-effective Geo-replicated Cloud Storage with Dynamic Enforcement of Causal Consistency 2018 IEEE Download
12. RIAL: Resource Intensity Aware Load Balancing in Clouds 2017 IEEE Download
13. Fine-Grained Two-Factor Access Control for Web-Based Cloud Computing Services 2016 IEEE Download
14. Circuit Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Hybrid Encryption with Verifiable Delegation in Cloud Computing 2016 IEEE Download
15. Audit-Free Cloud Storage via Deniable Attribute-based Encryption 2015 IEEE Download
16. Provable Multicopy Dynamic Data Possession in Cloud Computing Systems 2015 IEEE Download
17. Decentralized Access Control with Anonymous Authentication of Data Stored in Clouds 2014 IEEE Download
18. PACK: Prediction-Based Cloud Bandwidth and Cost Reduction System 2014 IEEE Download
19. Building Confidential and Efficient Query Services in the Cloud with RASP Data Perturbation 2014 IEEE Download
20. Expressive, Efficient, and Revocable Data Access Control for Multi-Authority Cloud Storage 2014 IEEE Download
21. A Privacy Leakage Upper Bound Constraint-Based Approach for Cost-Effective Privacy Preserving of Intermediate Data Sets in Cloud 2013 IEEE Download
22. CAM: Cloud-Assisted Privacy Preserving Mobile Health Monitoring 2013 IEEE Download
23. QoS Ranking Prediction for Cloud Services 2013 IEEE Download
24. A Load Balancing Model Based on Cloud Partitioning for the Public Cloud 2013 IEEE Download
25. Scalable and Secure Sharing of Personal Health Records in Cloud Computing using Attribute-based Encryption 2013 IEEE Download

Data Mining

1. Big Data Analytics and Mining for Effective Visualization and Trends Forecasting of Crime Data 2019 IEEE Download
2. Medical Data Stream Distribution Pattern Association Rule Mining Algorithm Based on Density Estimation 2019 IEEE Download
3. Data-Pattern Enabled Self-Recovery Low-Power Storage System for Big Video Data 2019 IEEE Download
4. A Big Data Mining Approach of PSO-Based BP Neural Network for Financial Risk Management With IoT 2019 IEEE Download
5. Frequent Pattern Mining on Time and Location Aware Air Quality Data 2019 IEEE Download
6. Untangling Blockchain: A Data Processing View of Blockchain Systems 2018 IEEE Download
7. Correlated Matrix Factorization for Recommendation with Implicit Feedback 2018 IEEE Download
8. Collaborative Filtering Algorithm Based on Rating Difference and User Interest 2018 IEEE Download
9. A Framework for Real-Time Spam Detection in Twitter 2018 IEEE Download
10. NetSpam: a Network-based Spam Detection Framework for Reviews in Online Social Media 2018 IEEE Download
11. Heterogeneous Information Network Embedding for Recommendation 2018 IEEE Download
12. Harnessing Multi-source Data about Public Sentiments and Activities for Informed Design 2018 IEEE Download
13. FastGeo: Efficient Geometric Range Queries on Encrypted Spatial Data 2017 IEEE Download
14. An Internal Intrusion Detection and Protection System by Using Data Mining and Forensic Techniques 2017 IEEE Download
15. Analyzing Sentiments in One Go: A Supervised Joint Topic Modeling Approach 2017 IEEE Download
16. Analysis of users' behaviour in structured e-commerce websites 2017 IEEE Download
17. Location Aware Keyword Query Suggestion Based on Document Proximity 2016 IEEE Download
18. Top-Down XML Keyword Query Processing 2016 IEEE Download
19. Nearest Keyword Set Search in Multi-Dimensional Datasets 2016 IEEE Download
20. DiploCloud: Efficient and Scalable Management of RDF Data in the Cloud 2016 IEEE Download
21. A Novel Recommendation Model Regularized with User Trust and Item Ratings 2016 IEEE Download
22. Resolving Multi-Party Privacy Conflicts in Social Media 2016 IEEE Download

Networking & Network Security

1. A Survey of Networking Applications Applying the Software Defined Networking Concept Based on Machine Learning 2019 IEEE Download
2. Rational Agent-Based Decision Algorithm for Strategic Converged Network Migration Planning 2019 IEEE Download
3. Hierarchical Edge Cloud Enabling Network Slicing for 5G Optical Fronthaul 2019 IEEE Download
4. Information Network Risk Assessment Based on AHP and Neural Network 2018 IEEE Download
5. Mining network stream data for self learning networks 2018 IEEE Download
6. A Survey on Security Threats and Authentication Approaches in Wireless Sensor Networks 2018 IEEE Download
7. ECL-EKM: An Enhanced Certificateless Effective Key Management Protocol for Dynamic WSN 2017 IEEE Download
8. A Stable Approach for Routing Queries in Unstructured P2P Networks 2016 IEEE Download
9. Cost-Aware Secure Routing (CASER) Protocol Design for Wireless Sensor Networks 2015 IEEE Download
10. Maximizing P2P File Access Availability in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks though Replication for Efficient File Sharing 2015 IEEE Download
11. Secure and Reliable Routing Protocols for Heterogeneous Multihop Wireless Networks 2015 IEEE Download
12. Secure and Distributed Data Discovery and Dissemination in Wireless Sensor Networks 2015 IEEE Download
13. Improving the Network Lifetime of MANETs through Cooperative MAC Protocol Design 2015 IEEE Download

Big Data

1. Big Data Quality Framework: Pre-Processing Data in Weather Monitoring Application 2019 IEEE Download
2. Stocks Analysis and Prediction Using Big Data Analytics 2019 IEEE Download
3. A Probability based Model for Big Data Security in Smart City 2019 IEEE Download
4. Adaptive Learning Model and Implementation Based on Big Data 2019 IEEE Download
5. Accurate marking method of network attacking information based on big data analysis 2019 IEEE Download
6. Cloud Centric Authentication for Wearable Healthcare Monitoring System 2018 IEEE Download
7. Logic Bug Detection and Localization Using Symbolic Quick Error Detection 2018 IEEE Download
8. Map Reduce Programming Model for Parallel K-Mediod Algorithm on Hadoop Cluster 2018 IEEE Download
9. Research on Reliability Evaluation of Big Data System 2018 IEEE Download
10. Smart Governance through Bigdata: Digital Transformation of Public Agencies 2018 IEEE Download
11. Online Data Deduplication for In-Memory Big-Data Analytic Systems 2017 IEEE Download
12. Big Data Set Privacy Preserving through Sensitive Attribute-based Grouping 2017 IEEE Download
13. Designing Self-Tuning Split-Map-Merge Applications for High Cost-Efficiency in the Cloud 2017 IEEE Download
14. H2Hadoop: Improving Hadoop Performance using the Metadata of Related Jobs 2016 IEEE Download
15. A Parallel Patient Treatment Time Prediction Algorithm and Its Applications in Hospital Queuing-Recommendation in a Big Data Environment 2016 IEEE Download
16. A Time Efficient Approach for Detecting Errors in Big Sensor Data on Cloud 2015 IEEE Download
17. Data Mining with Big Data 2014 IEEE Download
18. A Scalable Two-Phase Top-Down Specialization Approach for Data Anonymization Using MapReduce on Cloud 2014 IEEE Download

Mobile Computing

1. Advanced Query Processing and its Optimization for Mobile Computing Environment 2018 IEEE Download
2. Mobile Privacy Protection Enhanced with Multi-access Edge Computing 2018 IEEE Download
3. Energy Consumption in Hand-Held Mobile Communication Devices: A Comparative Study 2018 IEEE Download
4. Hotspot-based Resource Sharing System for Mobile Ad hoc Networks 2018 IEEE Download
5. Effect of Queueing Delay and Service Discrimination on Offloading Performance in Two-Class Mobile Edge Computing Systems 2018 IEEE Download
6. Wormhole Attack Detection Algorithms in Wireless Network Coding Systems 2015 IEEE Download
7. User-Defined Privacy Grid System for Continuous Location-Based Services 2015 IEEE Download
8. Privacy-Preserving and Truthful Detection of Packet Dropping Attacks in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks 2015 IEEE Download

Secure Computing

1. Privacy Protection for Wireless Medical Sensor Data 2016 IEEE Download
2. Contributory Broadcast Encryption with Efficient Encryption and Short Ciphertexts 2016 IEEE Download
3. Data Lineage in Malicious Environments 2016 IEEE Download
4. A Computational Dynamic Trust Model for User Authorization 2015 IEEE Download
5. Secure Data Aggregation Technique for Wireless Sensor Networks in the Presence of Collusion Attacks 2015 IEEE Download
6. Secure Spatial Top-k Query Processing via Untrusted Location-Based Service Providers 2015 IEEE Download

Web Applications

1. Travel and Tourism Management System NON-IEEE Download
2. Car Pooling NON-IEEE Download
3. College Management System NON-IEEE Download
4. Online Grievance Management NON-IEEE Download
5. Insurance Policy for Vehicle and Bodily Injured Liability NON-IEEE Download
6. Career Calling NON-IEEE Download
7. Online Ticket Reservations NON-IEEE Download
8. Mobile patient management system NON-IEEE Download
9. Automatic Time Table Generator NON-IEEE Download
10. Online Pharmacy NON-IEEE Download
11. E- Health Care NON-IEEE Download
12. Resume Building NON-IEEE Download
13. Crime Record Management System NON-IEEE Download
14. Multi Banking Transaction System NON-IEEE Download
15. Online Student Portal NON-IEEE Download