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M.Tech-EEE-Simulation 2022 - 2023

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Projects List


Base Paper


1. A new multi-level inverter with reverse connected dual dc to dc converter at simulation 2022 Download Download
2. A Grid Frequency Support Control Strategy of the Three-Phase Cascaded H-Bridge Based Photovoltaic Generation Systems 2022 Download Download
3. A New Multi-Output DC-DC Converter for Electric Vehicle Application 2022 Download Download
4. A Pencil Shaped 9-Level Multilevel Inverter With Voltage Boosting Ability: Configuration and Experimental Investigation 2022 Download Download
5. APower Management Scheme for Grid-connected PV Integrated with Hybrid Energy Storage System 2022 Download Download
6. A Ring-Connected Dual Active Bridge Based DC-DC Multiport Converter for EV Fast-Charging Stations 2022 Download Download
7. A Switched-Capacitor Multilevel Inverter Using Series-Parallel Conversion With Reduced Components 2022 Download Download
8. Active Converter Injection-based Protection for a Photovoltaic DC Distribution System 2022 Download Download
9. Battery Current-Sharing Power Decoupling Method for Realizing a Single-Stage Hybrid PV System 2022 Download Download
10. Bidirectional Power Control Strategy for Super Capacitor Energy Storage System Based on MMC DC-DC Converter 2022 Download Download
11. Conception and Experimental Validation of a Standalone Photovoltaic System Using the SUPC5 Multilevel Inverter 2022 Download Download
12. Control of PV Systems for Multimachine Power System Stability Improvement 2022 Download Download
13. Deep Neural Network-Based Surrogate Model for Optimal Component Sizing of Power Converters Using Deep Reinforcement Learning 2022 Download Download
14. Design of Active Fault-Tolerant Control System for Multilevel Inverters to Achieve Greater Reliability With Improved Power Quality 2022 Download Download
15. Drive Control of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Fed by a Multi-level Inverter for Electric Vehicle Application 2022 Download Download
16. Dynamic Voltage Stability Enhancement in Electric Vehicle Battery Charger Using Particle Swarm Optimization 2022 Download Download
17. Improved Instantaneous Reactive Power (PQ) Theory Based Control of DVR for Compensating Extreme Sag and Swell 2022 Download Download
18. Improved Squirrel Search Algorithm Driven Cascaded 2DOF-PID-FOI Controller for Load Frequency Control of Renewable Energy Based Hybrid Power System 2022 Download Download
19. Investigation and validation of solar photovoltaic‑fed modular multilevel inverter for marine water‑pumping applications 2022 Download Download
20. Investigation on Amplitude-Domain Modulation for Three-Phase Energy Stored Quasi-Z Source Inverter 2022 Download Download
21. Low-voltage ride through of multi-port power electronic transformer 2022 Download Download
22. Machine Learning-Based Estimation of Output Current Ripple in PFC-IBC Used in Battery Charger of Electrical Vehicles: A Comparison of LR, RF and ANN Techniques 2022 Download Download
23. Model-Based Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithm With Constant Power Generation Capability and Fast DC-Link Dynamics for Two-Stage PV Systems 2022 Download Download
24. Multi-Functional PV Inverter With Low Voltage Ride-Through and Constant Power Output 2022 Download Download
25. Multi-Objective Design of Single-Phase Differential Buck Inverters With Active Power Decoupling 2022 Download Download
26. Multi-Objective Optimization of PV and Energy Storage Systems for Ultra-Fast Charging Stations 2022 Download Download
27. Multi-Port DC-AC Converter with Differential Power Processing DC-DC Converter and Flexible Power Control for Battery ESS Integrated PV Systems 2022 Download Download
28. Negative Sequence Compensation Method for High-Speed Railway With Integrated Photovoltaic Generation System 2022 Download Download
29. New Powertrain Configurations Based on Six-Phase Current-Source Inverters for Heavy-Duty Electric Vehicles 2022 Download Download
30. Online State of Health Diagnostic Method of Battery cells in a Reconfigurable Battery System or Multilevel Inverter 2022 Download Download
31. Operating Principle of Neutral-Point-Less (NPL) Multilevel Inverter Topology: X-type Inverter 2022 Download Download
32. Optimal Controllers to Improve Transient Recovery of Grid-Following Inverters Connected to Weak Power Grids 2022 Download Download
33. Optimal Management for Megawatt Level Electric Vehicle Charging Stations With a Grid Interface Based on Modular Multilevel Converter 2022 Download Download
34. Optimized Controller Gains Using Grey Wolf Algorithm for Grid Tied Solar Power Generation with Improved Dynamics and Power Quality 2022 Download Download
35. Optimized Fuzzy Controller Based on Cuckoo Optimization Algorithm for Maximum Power-Point Tracking of Photovoltaic Systems 2022 Download Download
36. Optimized Reactive Power Control of Module Power Imbalance of Cascaded Converter 2022 Download Download
37. Modeling and Estimation of the Losses of a Multi-Level Inverter with Integrated Battery for Electric Vehicles 2022 Download Download
38. Performance Evaluation of an Active Neutral-Point-Clamped Multilevel Converter for Active Filtering in G2V-V2G and V2H Applications 2022 Download Download
39. Performance Evaluation of Seven Level Reduced Switch ANPC Inverter in Shunt Active Power Filter With RBFNN-Based Harmonic Current Generation 2022 Download Download
40. Photovoltaic Partial Shading Performance Evaluation With a DSTATCOM Controller 2022 Download Download
41. Power System Frequency Control Architecture Combining Open Charge Point Protocol and Electric Vehicle Model Predictive Charge Rate Control 2022 Download Download
42. Predictive Control With Battery Power Sharing Scheme for Dual Open-End-Winding Induction Motor Based Four-Wheel Drive Electric Vehicle 2022 Download Download
43. Proportional-Integral-Derivative Parametric Autotuning by Novel Stable Particle Swarm Optimization (NSPSO) 2022 Download Download
44. Reduced Sensor-Based Harmonic Resonance Detection and its Compensation in Power Distribution System With SAPF 2022 Download Download
45. Soft Switching Multiphase Interleaved Boost Converter With High Voltage Gain for EV Applications 2022 Download Download
46. Solar Photovoltaic System-Based Reduced Switch Multilevel Inverter for Improved Power Quality 2022 Download Download
47. Solar PV-Fed Multilevel Inverter With Series Compensator for Power Quality Improvement in Grid-Connected Systems 2022 Download Download
48. The optimization of torque ripple reduction by using DTC-multilevel inverter 2022 Download Download
49. Three Phase Four Switch Inverter Based DVR for Power Quality Improvement With Optimized CSA Approach 2022 Download Download
50. Three-Level T-Type Quasi-Z Source PV Grid-Tied Inverter With Active Power Filter Functionality Under Distorted Grid Voltage 2022 Download Download
51. A Generalized Carrier-Overlapped PWM Method for Neutral-Point Clamped Multilevel Converters 2020 Download Download
52. A Generalized Switched Inductor Cell Modular Multilevel Inverter 2020 Download Download
53. A Low-harmonic Control Method of Bi-directional Three-phase Z-source Converters for Vehicle-to-Grid Applications 2020 Download Download
54. A Microgrid Based on Wind Driven DFIG, DG and Solar PV Array for Optimal Fuel Consumption 2020 Download Download
55. A New Step-Up Switched-Capacitor Voltage Balancing Converter for NPC Multilevel Inverter-Based Solar PV System 2020 Download Download
56. A Single Input Variable FLC for DFIG Based WPGS in Standalone Mode 2020 Download Download
57. An Efficient Inductive Power Transfer Topology for Electric Vehicle Battery Charging 2020 Download Download
58. Asymmetrical Triangular Current Mode (ATCM) for Bidirectional High Step Ratio Modular Multilevel Dc–Dc Converter 2020 Download Download
59. Auto-Tuning Proportional-Type Synchronization Algorithm for DC Motor Speed Control Applications 2020 Download Download
60. Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Based Power and Signal Multiplex Transmission for Electric Vehicles 2020 Download Download
61. Cascaded Multilevel PV Inverter With Improved Harmonic Performance During Power Imbalance Between Power Cells 2020 Download Download
62. Delta-Bar-Delta Neural Network (NN) Based Control Approach for Power Quality Improvement of Solar PV Interfaced Distribution System 2020 Download Download
63. Dual-T-Type Five-Level Cascaded Multilevel Inverter With Double Voltage Boosting Gain 2020 Download Download
64. Five-level one-capacitor boost multilevel inverter 2020 Download Download
65. Generalized Phase-Shift PWM for Active-Neutral-Point-Clamped Multilevel Converter 2020 Download Download
66. Grid-Connected Wind-Photovoltaic Cogeneration Using Back-to-Back Voltage Source Converters 2020 Download Download
67. Hybrid cuckoo search algorithm and grey wolf optimiser-based optimal control strategy for performance enhancement of HVDC-based offshore wind farms 2020 Download Download
68. Implementation of Solar PV- Battery and Diesel Generator Based Electric Vehicle Charging Station 2020 Download Download
69. Incremental Passivity Control in Multilevel Cascaded H-Bridge Converters 2020 Download Download
70. Integration of solar PV into grid using a new UPQC with differential inverter control 2020 Download Download
71. Mitigation of transient overvoltages in microgrid including PV arrays 2020 Download Download
22. Multilevel Converters with Symmetrical Half-Bridge Submodules and Sensorless Voltage Balance 2020 Download Download
73. Multilevel Single-Phase Converter with Two DC Links 2020 Download Download
74. Off-board electric vehicle battery charger using PV array 2020 Download Download
75. Power optimisation scheme of induction motor using FLC for electric vehicle 2020 Download Download
76. Self-Adjustable Step-Based Control Algorithm for Grid-Interactive Multifunctional Single-Phase PV-Battery System Under Abnormal Grid Conditions 2020 Download Download
77. Sensorless SynRG Based Variable Speed Wind Generator and Single-stage Solar PV Array Integrated Grid System with Maximum Power Extraction Capability 2020 Download Download
78. Single-phase boost DC-link integrated cascaded multilevel inverter for PV applications 2020 Download Download
79. Single-Phase Dual-Mode Interleaved Multilevel Inverter (DMIMI) for PV Applications 2020 Download Download
80. Switched-capacitor multilevel inverter with self-voltage-balancing for high-frequency power distribution system 2020 Download Download
81. Unbiased Circular Leakage Centered Adaptive Filtering Control for Power Quality Improvement of Wind-Solar PV Energy Conversion System 2020 Download Download
82. ZPUC: A New Configuration of Single DC Source for Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC) Applications 2020 Download Download
83. A Generalized Multilevel Inverter Topology with Reduction of Total Standing Voltage 2020 Download Download
84. A New Asymmetric Multilevel Inverter with Reduced Number of Components 2020 Download Download
85. A Novel High-Gain DC-DC Converter Applied in Fuel Cell Vehicles 2020 Download Download
86. A Step-up Multilevel Inverter Topology using Novel Switched Capacitor Converters with Reduced Components 2020 Download Download
87. Adaptive Control of Voltage Source Converter Based Scheme for Power Quality Improved Grid-Interactive Solar PV- Battery System 2020 Download Download
88. An Experimental Estimation of Hybrid ANFIS–PSO-Based MPPT for PV Grid Integration Under Fluctuating Sun Irradiance 2020 Download Download
89. Bidirectional Buck-Boost Current-Fed Isolated DC-DC Converter and Its Modulation 2020 Download Download
90. Control Algorithm based on Limit Cycle Oscillator-FLL for UPQC-S with Optimized PI Gains 2020 Download Download
91. Enhanced DVR Control System based on the Harris Hawks Optimization Algorithm 2020 Download Download
92. Grid Synchronization of WEC-PV-BES Based Distributed Generation System using Robust Control Strategy 2020 Download Download
93. High Performance Frequency Converter Controlled Variable-Speed Wind Generator Using Linear-Quadratic Regulator Controller 2020 Download Download
94. Improved Power Quality in a Solar PV Plant Integrated Utility Grid by Employing a Novel Adaptive Current Regulator 2020 Download Download
95. Improving Microgrid Low-Voltage Ride-Through Capacity Using Neural Control 2020 Download Download
96. Nonisolated DC-DC Converters with Wide Conversion Range for High-Power Applications 2020 Download Download
97. Power Quality Improvement in Solar Fed Cascaded Multilevel Inverter with Output Voltage Regulation Techniques 2020 Download Download
98. PSO optimized PIDF controller for Load-frequency control of A.C Multi-Islanded-Micro grid system 2020 Download Download
99. Single-Stage PV-Grid Interactive Induction Motor Drive with Improved Flux Estimation Technique for Water Pumping with Reduced Sensors 2020 Download Download
100. Switched Capacitor Integrated (2n+1)-Level Step-up Single-Phase Inverter 2020 Download Download
101. Power Factor Correction of Three-Phase PWM AC Chopper Fed Induction Motor Drive System Using HBCC Technique. 2019 Download Download
102. A Power Electronic Traction Transformer Configuration with Low-Voltage IGBTs for Onboard Traction Application. 2019 Download Download
103. Carrier-Based Digital PWM and Multirate Technique of a Cascaded H-Bridge Converter for Power Electronic Traction Transformers. 2019 Download Download
104. Operation Analysis and A Game Theoretic Approach to Dynamic Hybrid Compensator for the V/v Traction System. 2019 Download Download
105. Coordination of MMCs With Hybrid DC Circuit Breakers for HVDC Grid Protection. 2019 Download Download
106. A New Multilevel Inverter Topology With Reduce Switch Count. 2019 Download Download
107. A Novel Multilevel DC/AC Inverter Based on Three-Level Half Bridge With Voltage Vector Selecting Algorithm 2019 Download Download
108. A Novel Submodule Voltage Balancing Scheme for Modular Multilevel Cascade Converter—Double-Star Chopper-Cells (MMCC-DSCC) Based STATCOM. 2019 Download Download
109. A Single-Phase Transformer-Based Cascaded Asymmetric Multilevel Inverter With Balanced Power Distribution. 2019 Download Download
110. Active power decoupling and controlling for single-phase FACTS device. 2019 Download Download
111. Analysis of Logic Gates for Generation of Switching Sequence in Symmetric and Asymmetric Reduced Switch Multilevel Inverter. 2019 Download Download
112. Design and Hardware Implementation Considerations of Modified Multilevel Cascaded H-Bridge Inverter for Photovoltaic System 2019 Download Download
113. Direct Model Predictive Control of Novel H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter Based Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System 2019 Download Download
114. Fuel cell integrated unified power quality conditioner for voltage and current reparation in four-wire distribution grid. 2019 Download Download
115. Grid-tied single source quasi-Z-source cascaded multilevel inverter for PV applications. 2019 Download Download
116. Low Switching Frequency Based Asymmetrical Multilevel Inverter Topology With Reduced Switch Count. 2019 Download Download
117. Optimal Design of a New Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Topology With Reduced Switch Count. 2019 Download Download
118. Switch Ladder Modified H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter With Novel Pulse Width Modulation Technique. 2019 Download Download
119. Role of Outage Management Strategy in Reliability Performance of Multi-Microgrid Distribution Systems. 2019 Download Download
120. Improved Coordinated Control Strategy for Hybrid STATCOM Using Required Reactive Power Estimation Method. 2019 Download Download
71. Fault tolerant single-phase capacitor start capacitor run induction motor powered with cascaded multilevel quasi impedance source inverter. 2019 Download Download
122. Coordination control of positive and negative sequence voltages of cascaded H-bridge STATCOM operating under imbalanced grid voltage. 2019 Download Download
123. Control and operation of the MMC-based drive with reduced capacitor voltage fluctuations 2019 Download Download
124. Application of UPFC to mitigate SSR in seriescompensated wind farms 2019 Download Download
125. A Unified Power Flow Controller Using a Power Electronics Integrated Transformer 2019 Download Download
126. A 13-levels Module (K-Type) with two DC sources for Multilevel Inverters 2019 Download Download
127. A Boost Type Nine-Level Switched Capacitor Inverter 2019 Download Download
128. A Hybrid 9-level, 1-ϕ Grid Connected MultiLevel Inverter with Low Switch Count and Innovative Voltage Regulation Techniques Across Auxiliary Capacitor. 2019 Download Download
129. A Multi-Cell Cascaded High Frequency Link Inverter with Soft-Switching and Isolation. 2019 Download Download
130. A new pulse active width modulation (PAWM) for multilevel converters. 2019 Download Download
131. A new standby structure integrated with boost PFC converter for Server Power supply 2019 Download Download
132. A Novel Bidirectional T-type Multilevel Inverter for Electric Vehicle Applications. 2019 Download Download
133. A Novel Nine-Level Quadruple Boost Inverter with Inductive-load Ability. 2019 Download Download
134. A Novel Step-Up Single Source Multilevel Inverter: Topology, Operating Principle and Modulation. 2019 Download Download
135. A Second-Order Volterra Filter Based Control of Solar PV-DSTATCOM System to Achieve Lyapunov’s Stability 2019 Download Download
136. A Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation (SPWM) Technique for Capacitor Voltage Balancing of Nested T-Type Four-Level Inverter. 2019 Download Download
137. Analysis, Design and Control of Switching Capacitor Based Buck-Boost Converter 2019 Download Download
138. Compact Switched Capacitor Multilevel Inverter (CSCMLI) With Self Voltage Balancing and Boosting Ability. 2019 Download Download
139. Coordination control of positive and negative sequence voltages of cascaded H-bridge STATCOM operating under imbalanced grid voltage 2019 Download Download
140. Cross-Switched Multilevel Inverter using Novel Switched Capacitor Converters. 2019 Download Download
141. Dual P-Q Theory based Energy Optimized Dynamic Voltage Restorer for Power Quality Improvement in Distribution System 2019 Download Download
142. Dual Role CDSC based Dual Vector Control for Effective Operation of DVR with Harmonic Mitigation 2019 Download Download
143. Dual-T-Type Seven-Level Boost Active-NeutralPoint-Clamped (DTT-7L-BANPC) Inverter 2019 Download Download
144. Effect of cascade STATCOM on stabilizing voltage in high voltage direct current 2019 Download Download
145. Enhancement of Solar Farm Connectivity with Smart PV Inverter PV-STATCOM. 2019 Download Download
146. Extended Topology for Boost DC-DC Converter. 2019 Download Download
147. Family of Multiport Switched-Capacitor Multilevel Inverters for High Frequency AC Power Distribution 2019 Download Download
148. Flexible Transformer Based Multilevel Inverter Topologies 2019 Download Download
149. Framework of Gradient Descent Least Squares Regression Based NN Structure for Power Quality Improvement in PV Integrated Low-Voltage Weak Grid System 2019 Download Download
150. High-Efficiency Bidirectional Buck-Boost Converter for Photovoltaic and Energy Storage Systems in a Smart Grid 2019 Download Download
151. Implementation of Immune Feedback Control Algorithm for Distribution Static Compensator. 2019 Download Download
152. Low-Capacitance Statcom with Modular Inductive Filter 2019 Download Download
153. Model Predictive Control of Multilevel CHB STATCOM in Wind Farm Application Using Diophantine Equations 2019 Download Download
154. Model Predictive Controller with Reduced Complexity for Grid Tied Multilevel Inverters. 2019 Download Download
155. PNKLMF Based Neural Network Control and Learning based HC MPPT Technique for Multi-Objective Grid Integrated Solar PV Based Distributed Generating System 2019 Download Download
156. Power Quality Improvement and PV Power Injection by DSTATCOM with Variable DC Link Voltage Control from RSC-MLC. 2019 Download Download
157. Protection of Sensitive Loads Using Sliding Mode Controlled Three-Phase DVR With Adaptive Notch Filter. 2019 Download Download
158. Real-Time Validation of a Sliding Mode Controller for Closed-Loop Operation of Reduced Switch Count Multilevel Inverters 2019 Download Download
159. Single Stage SECS Interfaced with Grid Using ISOGI-FLL Based Control Algorithm. 2019 Download Download
160. SSO of DFIG-based wind farm integrated by a hybrid series compensator. 2019 Download Download
161. Stability Analysis for the Grid-Connected SinglePhase Asymmetrical Cascaded Multilevel Inverter with SRF-PI Current Control under Weak Grid Conditions 2019 Download Download
162. Switched-Boost Action Based Multi-port Converter. 2019 Download Download
163. Switched-Capacitor Based Single Source Cascaded H-bridge Multilevel Inverter Featuring Boosting Ability 2019 Download Download
164. Unbalanced and Reactive Load Compensation using MMCC-based SATCOMs with Third Harmonic Injection. 2019 Download Download
165. Super-Twisting Sliding Mode Direct Power Control of Brushless Doubly Fed Induction Generator 2018 Download Download
166. Application of Z-Source Sparse Matrix Converter for Micro turbine Generators 2018 Download Download
167. A Unified Power Flow Controller Using a Power Electronics Integrated Transformer 2018 Download Download
168. Reconfigurable Control for Fault-Tolerant of Parallel Converters in PMSG Wind Energy Conversion System 2018 Download Download
169. An Optimal Thevenin Equivalent Estimation Method ´ and its Application to the Voltage Stability Analysis of a Wind Hub 2018 Download Download
170. Automatic generation control including solar thermal power generation with Fuzzy-PID controller with derivative filter 2018 Download Download
171. Standalone Photovoltaic Water Pumping System Using Induction Motor Drive with Reduced Sensors 2018 Download Download
172. A Novel Design of Hybrid Energy Storage System for Electric Vehicles 2018 Download Download
173. Single Stage PV Array Fed Speed Sensor less Vector Control of Induction Motor Drive for Water Pumping. 2018 Download Download
174. Design and Performance Analysis of Three-Phase Solar PV Integrated UPQC. 2018 Download Download
175. A New H-Bridge Hybrid Modular Converter (HBHMC) for HVDC Application: Operating Modes, Control and Voltage Balancing 2018 Download Download
176. Rectifier Load Analysis for Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging System. 2018 Download Download
177. Development of a Bidirectional DC/DC Converter with Dual-Battery Energy Storage for Hybrid Electric Vehicle System. 2018 Download Download
178. An Improved DC-Link Voltage Control Strategy for Grid Connected Converters. 2018 Download Download
179. Design and Implementation of Active Power Control with Improved P&O Method for Wind PV-Battery based Standalone Generation System 2018 Download Download
180. Single-stage ZETA-SEPIC-based multifunctional integrated converter for plugin electric vehicles 2018 Download Download
181. Modeling, Design, Control, and Implementation of a Modified Z-source Integrated PV/Grid/EV DC Charger/Inverter 2018 Download Download
182. A Simple Active and Reactive Power Control for Applications of Single-Phase Electric Springs 2018 Download Download
183. UDE-Based Current Control Strategy for LCCL-Type Grid-Tied Inverters 2018 Download Download
184. A New Design Method of an LCL Filter Applied in Active DC-Traction Substations 2018 Download Download
185. A Very High Resolution Stacked Multilevel Inverter Topology for Adjustable Speed Drives 2018 Download Download
186. Implementation and Comparison of Symmetric and Asymmetric Multilevel Inverters for Dynamic Loads 2018 Download Download
187. Reconfiguration of NPC Multilevel Inverters to Mitigate Short Circuit Faults Using Back-to-Back Switches 2018 Download Download
188. Irradiance-adaptive PV Module Integrated Converter for High Efficiency and Power Quality in Standalone and DC Microgrid Applications 2018 Download Download
189. Dual-function PV-ECS integrated to 3P4W distribution grid using 3M-PLL control for active power transfer and power quality improvement. 2018 Download Download
190. ZSI for PV systems with LVRT capability. 2018 Download Download
191. Crisscross switched multilevel inverter using cascaded semi-half-bridge cells 2018 Download Download
192. Single-phase hybrid cascaded H-bridge and diode-clamped multilevel inverter with capacitor voltage balancing 2018 Download Download
193. Control of Solar Photovoltaic Integrated Universal Active Filter Based on Discrete Adaptive Filter 2018 Download Download
194. A Buck & Boost based Grid Connected PV Inverter Maximizing Power Yield from Two PV Arrays in Mismatched Environmental Conditions 2018 Download Download
195. A Grid Connected Single Phase Transformerless Inverter Controlling Two Solar PV Arrays Operating under Different Atmospheric Conditions 2018 Download Download
196. Single-phase multilevel inverter topologies with self-voltage balancing capabilities 2018 Download Download
197. A Three-Phase Symmetrical DC-Link Multilevel Inverter with Reduced Number of DC Sources 2018 Download Download
198. A Bridge Modular Switched-Capacitor-Based Multilevel Inverter With Optimized SPWM Control Method And Enhanced Power-Decoupling Ability 2018 Download Download
199. Single-Phase Modified Quasi-Z-Source Cascaded Hybrid Five-Level Inverter 2018 Download Download
200. Improved control algorithm for grid connected cascaded H-bridge photovoltaic inverters under asymmetric operating conditions 2018 Download Download
201. Power-decoupling of a Multi-port Isolated Converter for an Electrolytic-capacitorless Multi-level Inverter 2018 Download Download
202. Verification of a low Components Nine-Level Cascaded-Transformer Multilevel Inverter in Grid Tie Mode. 2018 Download Download
203. Power management in PV-battery-hydro based standalone microgrid 2018 Download Download
154. Hybrid Cascaded Multilevel Inverter (HCMLI) with Improved Symmetrical 4-Level Submodule. 2018 Download Download
205. Single-Stage Switched-Capacitor Module (S3CM) Topology for Cascaded Multilevel Inverter 2018 Download Download
206. Combination Analysis and Switching Method of a Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter Based on Transformers With the Different Turns Ratio for Increasing the Voltage Level 2018 Download Download
207. Research on the Unbalanced Compensation of Delta-connected Cascaded H-bridge Multilevel SVG 2018 Download Download
208. Autonomous Power Management for Interlinked AC-DC Microgrids. 2018 Download Download
209. Multi-Input Switched-Capacitor Multilevel Inverter for High-Frequency AC Power Distribution 2018 Download Download
210. Phase Shifted Carrier Based Synchronized Sinusoidal PWM Techniques for Cascaded H-Bridge Multi Level Inverter 2018 Download Download
211. Autonomous Power Control and Management Between Standalone DC Microgrids 2018 Download Download
212. Soft Switched Interleaved DC/DC Converter as front-end of Multi Inverter Structure for Micro Grid Applications 2018 Download Download
213. Dynamic Power Management and Control of PV PEM fuel Cell based Standalone AC/DC Microgrid Using Hybrid Energy Storage 2018 Download Download
214. ISOGI-Q Based Control Algorithm for Single Stage Grid Tied SPV System 2018 Download Download
215. An Improved Modulated Carrier Control with On-Time Doublers for Single-Phase Shunt Active Power Filter 2018 Download Download
216. An f-P/Q Droop Control in Cascaded-Type Microgrid 2018 Download Download
217. Three-Phase Transformer less Shunt Active Power Filter with Reduced Switch Count for Harmonic Compensation in Grid-Connected Applications 2018 Download Download
218. Control of a Three-Phase Hybrid Converter for a PV Charging Station 2018 Download Download
219. Reduced carrier PWM scheme with unified logical expressions for reduced switch count multilevel inverters 2018 Download Download
220. A Novel Hybrid Modular Three-Level Shunt Active Power Filter 2018 Download Download
221. Reduction of Common-Mode Voltages for Five-Level Active NPC Inverters by the Space-Vector Modulation Technique 2017 Download Download
222. Speed And Torque Control Of An Induction Motor With Ann Based DTC 2017 Download Download
223. Power transformer differential protection using current and voltage ratios 2017 Download Download
224. Power quality enhancement using fuzzy sliding mode based pulse width modulation control strategy for unified power quality conditioner 2017 Download Download
225. Power Quality Enhancement for a Grid Connected Wind Turbine Energy System 2017 Download Download
226. Optimal Placement of Static VAR Compensator (SVC) in Power System along with Wind Power Generation 2017 Download Download
227. Optimal Coordination of Overcurrent Relays using Gravitational Search Algorithm with DG Penetration 2017 Download Download
228. Multi-verse optimization: a novel method for solution of load frequency control problem in power system 2017 Download Download
229. Mitigation of Harmonics in Grid-Connected and Islanded Microgrids Via Virtual Admittances and Impedances 2017 Download Download
230. Enhancing LVRT Capability of DFIG-Based Wind Turbine Systems with SMES Series in the Rotor Side 2017 Download Download
231. Analysis of Load Frequency Control for Multi Area System Using PI and FuzzyLogic Controllers 2017 Download Download
232. Design and Analysis of RBFN-Based Single MPPT Controller for Hybrid Solar and Wind Energy System 2017 Download Download
233. Contingency-Constrained Unit Commitment With Intervening Time for System Adjustments 2017 Download Download
234. A Microgrid Protection Scheme Using Differential and Adaptive Overcurrent Relays 2017 Download Download
235. Control of Active Power Exchange With Auxiliary Power Loop in a Single-Phase Cascaded Multilevel Converter-Based Energy Storage System 2017 Download Download
236. A Harmonic Suppression Scheme for Full Speed Range of a Two-Level Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive Using Switched Capacitive Filter 2017 Download Download
237. A Highly Efficient and Reliable Inverter Configuration Based Cascaded Multilevel Inverter for PV Systems 2017 Download Download
238. A New-Coupled-Inductor Circuit Breaker for DC Applications 2017 Download Download
239. A New Single-Phase Switched-Coupled-Inductor DC–AC Inverter for Photovoltaic Systems 2017 Download Download
240. A Novel Single-Stage Single-Phase Reconfigurable Inverter Topology for a Solar Powered Hybrid AC/DC Home 2017 Download Download
241. A Novel Step-Up Multi input DC–DC Converter for Hybrid Electric Vehicles Application 2017 Download Download
242. A Novel Structure for Single-Switch Nonisolated Transformer less Buck–Boost DC–DC Converter 2017 Download Download
243. A Performance Investigation of a Four-Switch Three-Phase Inverter-Fed IM Drives at Low Speeds Using Fuzzy Logic and PI Controllers 2017 Download Download
244. A Robust Back stepping High-Order Sliding Mode Control Strategy for Grid-Connected DG Units With Harmonic/Inter harmonic Current Compensation Capability 2017 Download Download
245. An Effective Voltage Switching State Algorithm for Direct Torque Controlled Five-Phase Induction Motor Drive to Reduce Torque Ripple. 2017 Download Download
246. A Single-Phase Transformer less Inverter With Charge Pump Circuit Concept for Grid-Tied PV Applications 2017 Download Download
247. ACMC-based hybrid AC/LVDC micro-grid 2017 Download Download
248. An Induction Generator-Based AC/DC Hybrid Electric Power Generation System for More Electric Aircraft 2017 Download Download
249. Control strategy of switching regulators for fuel-cell power applications 2017 Download Download
250. Design and implementation of a high performance technique for tracking PV peak power 2017 Download Download
251. Dynamic Hysteresis Torque Band for Improving the Performance of Lookup-Table-Based DTC of Induction Machines. 2017 Download Download
252. Electric Spring for Voltage and Power Stability and Power Factor Correction 2017 Download Download
253. Generation of Higher Number of Voltage Levels by Stacking Inverters of Lower Multilevel Structures With Low Voltage Devices for Drives 2017 Download Download
254. Global Maximum Power Point Tracking Method for Photovoltaic Arrays Under Partial Shading Conditions 2017 Download Download
255. High-Efficiency Bridgeless Three-Level Power Factor Correction Rectifier 2017 Download Download
256. High-performance unified power quality conditioner using non-linear sliding mode and new switching dynamics control strategy 2017 Download Download
257. Hybrid Damping Controller for STATCOM to Enhance Power Quality in Multi-Machine System 2017 Download Download
258. Improved pulse-width modulation scheme for T-type multilevel inverter 2017 Download Download
259. Improvement of Power Quality Using a Robust Hybrid Series Active Power Filter 2017 Download Download
260. Intelligent grid interfaced solar water pumping system 2017 Download Download
261. Modeling and simulation for smart grid integration of solar/wind energy 2017 Download Download
262. Neutral Point Clamped MOSFET Inverter With Full-Bridge Configuration for Nonisolated Grid-Tied Photovoltaic System 2017 Download Download
263. Photovoltaic Module-Integrated Stand-alone Single-Stage Switched Capacitor Inverter with Maximum Power Point Tracking 2017 Download Download
264. Power Quality Enhancepment of Smart Households Using a Multilevel-THSeAF With a PR Controller 2017 Download Download
265. Power system stability analysis under increasing penetration of photovoltaic power plants with synchronous power controllers 2017 Download Download
266. A flexible control strategy of plug-in electric vehicles operating in seven modes for smoothing load power curves in smart grid 2017 Download Download
267. Series Compensator Based on Cascaded Transformers Coupled With Three-Phase Bridge Converters 2017 Download Download
268. Single-Stage Three-Phase Current-Source Photovoltaic Grid-Connected Inverter High Voltage Transmission Ratio 2017 Download Download
269. Three-phase battery storage system with transformer less cascaded multilevel inverter for distribution grid applications 2017 Download Download
270. A Comparative Analysis between UPQC and Dual UPQC (iUPQC) with Improved Controller 2016 Download Download
271. Fault Current Discrimination during Induction Motor Starting 2016 Download Download
272. Improvement of Power Quality Using a Hybrid UPQC with Distributed Generator 2016 Download Download
273. Load frequency control of a two-area multi-source power system using a tilt integral derivative controller 2016 Download Download
274. A Capacitor Voltage-Balancing Method for Nested Neutral Point Clamped (NNPC) Inverter 2016 Download Download
275. A Compact Multifunctional Power Electronic Interface for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles 2016 Download Download
276. A dc-Side Sensor less Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Converter Based Photovoltaic System 2016 Download Download
277. A Family of Five-Level Dual-Buck Full-bridge Inverters for Grid-tied Applications 2016 Download Download
278. A Hybrid Simulation Model for VSC HVDC 2016 Download Download
279. A Hybrid-STATCOM with Wide Compensation Range and Low DC-Link Voltage 2016 Download Download
280. A Modified P&O Maximum Power Point Tracking Method with Reduced Steady State Oscillation and Improved Tracking Efficiency 2016 Download Download
281. A Multi-Level Converter with a Floating Bridge for Open-Ended Winding Motor Drive Applications 2016 Download Download
282. A New Approach to DTC Method For BLDC Motor Adjustable Speed Drives 2016 Download Download
283. A New Cascaded Switched-Capacitor Multilevel Inverter Based on Improved Series-Parallel Conversion with Less Number of Components 2016 Download Download
284. A new maximum power point method based on a sliding mode approach for solar energy harvesting 2016 Download Download
285. A New State of Charge Estimation for Lithium-ion Battery Based on Sliding-Mode Observer and Battery Status 2016 Download Download
286. A Novel Five-Level Voltage Source Inverter with Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulator for Medium-Voltage Applications 2016 Download Download
287. A Novel Multilevel Multi-Output Bidirectional Active Buck PFC Rectifier 2016 Download Download
288. A Novel Ten-Switch Topology for Unified Power Quality Conditioner 2016 Download Download
289. A Power Factor Oriented Railway Power Flow Controller for Power Quality Improvement in Electrical Railway Power System 2016 Download Download
290. A Predictive Control Scheme for a Dual Output Indirect Matrix Converter 2016 Download Download
291. A Real-Time Selective Harmonic Elimination Based on A Transient-free, Inner Closed-Loop Control for Cascaded Multilevel Power Inverters 2016 Download Download
292. A Robust LQG Servo Control Strategy of Shunt Active Power Filter for Power Quality Enhancement 2016 Download Download
293. A Seven Level Inverter using a Solar Power Generation System 2016 Download Download
294. A Single DC Source Cascaded Seven-Level Inverter Integrating Switched-Capacitor Techniques 2016 Download Download
295. A Single-phase Four-Switch Rectifier with Significantly Reduced Capacitance 2016 Download Download
296. A Single-phase PV Quasi-Z-source Inverter with Reduced Capacitance using Modified Modulation and Double-Frequency Ripple Suppression Control 2016 Download Download
297. Active and Reactive Power Control During Unbalanced Grid Voltage in PV systems 2016 Download Download
298. Adaptive Maximum Power Point Tracking Control Algorithm for Wind Energy Conversion Systems 2016 Download Download
299. Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System Least Mean Square Based Control Algorithm for DSTATCOM 2016 Download Download
300. Adaptive Power System for Managing Large Dynamic Loads 2016 Download Download
301. An Active Filter with Resonant Current Control to Suppress Harmonic Resonance in a Distribution Power System 2016 Download Download
302. An Approach of Hybrid Modulation in Fusion seven-level Cascaded Multilevel Inverter accomplishment to IM drive system 2016 Download Download
303. An Islanding Detection Method for Inverter-Based Distributed Generators Based on the Reactive Power Disturbance 2016 Download Download
304. Buck-boost-flyback integrated converter with single switch to achieve high voltage gain for PV or fuel-cell applications 2016 Download Download
305. Cascaded Dual Model Predictive Control of an Active Front-End Rectifier 2016 Download Download
306. Control and Operation of a DC Grid-Based Wind Power Generation System in a Microgrid 2016 Download Download
307. Control methodology for compensation of grid voltage unbalance using a series-converter scheme for the DFIG 2016 Download Download
308. Control of Induction Motor Drive using Space Vector PWM 2016 Download Download
309. Control of Ripple Eliminators to Improve the Power Quality of DC Systems and Reduce the Usage of Electrolytic Capacitors 2016 Download Download
310. Control of Three-phase Bidirectional Current Source Converter to Inject Balanced Three-phase Currents under Unbalanced Grid Voltage Condition 2016 Download Download
311. Control Strategy of Fly back Micro inverter with Hybrid Mode for PV AC Modules 2016 Download Download
312. Current Source Modular Multilevel Converter Detailed Analysis and STATCOM Application 2016 Download Download
313. DC-link capacitor voltage control for single phase shunt active power filter with step size error cancellation in self-charging algorithm 2016 Download Download
314. Design and Simulation of a 10 MW Photovoltaic Power Plant using MATLAB and Simulink 2016 Download Download
315. Design of Agricultural based water pumping drive system using Bridgeless Buck-Boost converter 2016 Download Download
316. Development and Comparison of an Improved Incremental Conductance Algorithm for Tracking the MPPT of a Solar PV Panel 2016 Download Download
317. Digital Current Sensorless Control for Dual-Boost Half-Bridge PFC Converter with Natural Capacitor Voltage Balancing 2016 Download Download
318. Discrete-Time Repetitive Control of Flyback CCM Inverter for PV Power Applications 2016 Download Download
319. DSTATCOM supported induction generator for improving power quality 2016 Download Download
320. Dynamic voltage restorer employing multilevel cascaded H-bridge inverter 2016 Download Download
321. Feasibility of Four-Switch Three-phase Brushless DC Motor Control Scheme Based on Quasi Z-Source Network 2016 Download Download
322. Fuzzy Control Based Apf With Dg Integration For Power Quality Improvement In Disribution System 2016 Download Download
323. Grid connected three-phase multiple-pole multilevel unity power factor rectifier with reduce components count 2016 Download Download
324. Harmonic Analysis of Grid Connected Power Electronic Systems in Low Voltage Distribution Networks 2016 Download Download
325. High-Performance Constant Power Generation in Grid-Connected PV Systems 2016 Download Download
326. Impact of SFCL on the Four Types of HVDC Circuit Breakers by Simulation 2016 Download Download
327. Improved performance low-cost incremental conductance PV MPPT technique 2016 Download Download
328. Improvement of Power Quality Using a Hybrid UPQC with Distributed Generator 2016 Download Download
329. Integration of DG Systems Composed of Photovoltaic and a Micro-turbine In Remote Areas 2016 Download Download
330. Integration of Single-Stage SPV Generation to Grid using Admittance based LMS Technique 2016 Download Download
331. Investigation on Dynamic Voltage Restorers With Two DC Links and Series Converters for Three-Phase Four-Wire Systems 2016 Download Download
332. Load Model for Medium Voltage Cascaded H-Bridge Multi-Level Inverter Drive Systems 2016 Download Download
333. Model Predictive Control of Quasi-Z-Source Four-Leg Inverter 2016 Download Download
334. Modelling, simulation, and verification for detailed short-circuit analysis of a 1 × 25 kV railway traction system 2016 Download Download
335. Modular Multilevel Converter-Based Bipolar High-Voltage Pulse Generator With Sensorless Capacitor Voltage Balancing Technique 2016 Download Download
336. Modular Multilevel Converter Circulating Current Reduction Using Model Predictive Control 2016 Download Download
337. Modular symmetric and asymmetric reduced count switch multilevel current source inverter 2016 Download Download
338. Modulation and Control of Transformerless UPFC 2016 Download Download
339. Multilevel Cascaded-Type Dynamic Voltage Restorer with Fault Current Limiting Function 2016 Download Download
340. Novel Isolated Multi-level DC-DC Power Converter 2016 Download Download
341. Open-Circuit Fault-Tolerant Control for Outer Switches of Three-Level Rectifiers in Wind Turbine Systems 2016 Download Download
342. An Optimal Frequency Control Method Through a Dynamic Load Frequency Control (LFC) Model Incorporating Wind Farm 2016 Download Download
343. Optimal Multiple-Steps Single-Tuned Harmonic Filters Under Time-Varying Conditions 2016 Download Download
344. Partial Shading Detection and Smooth Maximum Power Point Tracking of PV Arrays under PSC 2016 Download Download
345. Power and Voltage Balance Control of a Novel Three-phase Solid State Transformer Using Multilevel Cascaded H-Bridge Inverters for Microgrid Applications 2016 Download Download
346. Power-Electronics-Based Energy Management System With Storage 2016 Download Download
347. Property of Rational Functions Related to Band-Pass Transformation With Application to Symmetric Filters Design 2016 Download Download
348. Reactive Power Compensation Through Upfc And Statcom At Linear & Non-Linear Load 2016 Download Download
349. Real-Time Implementation of a Packed U-Cell Seven-Level Inverter with Low Switching Frequency Voltage Regulator 2016 Download Download
350. Simplified model and sub module capacitor voltage balancing of single-phase AC/AC modular multilevel converter for railway traction purpose 2016 Download Download
351. Simulation and modeling of STATCOM and WINDFARM in transmission line using MATLAB and analysis of bus voltage 2016 Download Download
352. Simulation Of Three Phase Multilevel Inverter With Reduced Number Of Switches 2016 Download Download
353. Single-Phase to Three-Phase Converters With Two Parallel Single-Phase Rectifiers and Reduced Switch Count 2016 Download Download
354. Sliding Mode Control (SMC) of PWM Dual Inverter Based Grid Connected PV System: Modelling and Performance analysis 2016 Download Download
355. Solar PV Array Fed Brushless DC Motor Driven Water Pump 2016 Download Download
356. Switching Control of Buck Converter Based on Energy Conservation Principle 2016 Download Download
357. Stability Enhancement in Multimachine Power System by FACTS Controller 2016 Download Download
358. Technique for Fast Detection of Short Circuit Current in PV Distributed Generator 2016 Download Download
359. THD Analysis of an Overlapping Carrier Based SPWM For a 5- Level Cascaded H-bridge Multilevel Inverter 2016 Download Download
360. Transformer-less Single-Phase Universal Active Filter with UPS Features and Reduced Number of Electronic Power Switches 2016 Download Download
361. Ultrahigh Step-up DC–DC Converter for Distributed Generation by Three Degrees of Freedom (3DoF) Approach 2016 Download Download
362. Versatile Unified Power Quality Conditioner Applied to Three-Phase Four-Wire Distribution Systems Using a Dual Control Strategy 2016 Download Download
363. Inertial Response of an Offshore Wind Power Plant with HVDC-VSC 2016 Download Download
364. Energy Harvesting Combining Three Different Sources for Low Power Applications 2015 Download Download
365. Three Zone Protection By Using Distance Relays in SIMULINK/MATLAB 2015 Download Download
366. A 10 mV-Input Boost Converter With Inductor Peak Current Control and Zero Detection for Thermoelectric and Solar Energy Harvesting With 220 mV Cold-Start and 14.5dBm, 915 MHz RF Kick-Start 2015 Download Download
367. A Bidirectional Control Principle of Active Tuned Hybrid Power Filter Based on the Active Reactor Using Active Techniques 2015 Download Download
368. A Bidirectional Non-Isolated Multi-Input DC-DC Converter for Hybrid Energy Storage Systems in Electric Vehicles 2015 Download Download
369. A DC Current Flow Controller for Meshed Modular Multilevel Converter Multiterminal HVDC Grids 2015 Download Download
370. A Fault-Tolerant Series-Resonant DC-DC Converter 2015 Download Download
371. A Fully Soft-Switched Single Switch Isolated DC–DC Converter 2015 Download Download
372. A High Step-Up DC to DC Converter Under Alternating Phase Shift Control for Fuel Cell Power System 2015 Download Download
373. A Hybrid Filter for the Suppression of Common-Mode Voltage and Differential-Mode Harmonics in Three-Phase Inverters With CPPM 2015 Download Download
374. A Modular Multilevel DC/DC Converter With Fault Blocking Capability for HVDC Interconnects 2015 Download Download
355. A New Hybrid Active Neutral Point Clamped Flying Capacitor Multilevel Inverter 2015 Download Download
356. A New Railway Power Flow Control System Coupled With Asymmetric Double LC Branches 2015 Download Download
357. A New Resonant Modular Multilevel Step-Down DC–DC Converter with Inherent-Balancing 2015 Download Download
358. A Novel and Simple Single-Phase Modulator for the Nested Neutral-Point Clamped (NNPC) Converter 2015 Download Download
359. A Novel Control Method for Transformerless H-Bridge Cascaded STATCOM With Star Configuration 2015 Download Download
380. A Novel Single Phase Cascaded Multilevel Inverter for Hybrid Renewable Energy Sources 2015 Download Download
381. A Quad Two-Level Inverter Configuration for Four-Pole Induction-Motor Drive with Single DC Link 2015 Download Download
382. A Robust DC-Link Voltage Control Strategy to Enhance the Performance of Shunt Active Power Filters Without Harmonic Detection Schemes 2015 Download Download
383. A Single-Phase Active Device for Power Quality Improvement of Electrified Transportation 2015 Download Download
384. A Single-Phase Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Based on a New Basic Unit With Reduced Number of Power Switches 2015 Download Download
385. A Step-up Resonant Converter for Grid-Connected Renewable Energy Sources 2015 Download Download
386. A Torque Ripple Compensation Technique for a Low Cost Brushless DC Motor Drive 2015 Download Download
387. A Wireless Charging System Applying Phase-Shift and Amplitude Control to Maximize Efficiency and Extractable Power 2015 Download Download
388. Adaptive PID Speed Control Design for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drives 2015 Download Download
389. An Electrolytic-Capacitor-Free Single-Phase High-Power Fuel Cell Converter With Direct Double-Frequency Ripple Current Control 2015 Download Download
390. An Enhanced Voltage Sag Compensation Scheme for Dynamic Voltage Restorer 2015 Download Download
391. An Improved Control System for Modular Multilevel Converters with New Modulation Strategy and Voltage Balancing Control 2015 Download Download
392. An Improved IUPQC Controller to Provide Additional Grid-Voltage Regulation as a STATCOM 2015 Download Download
393. An Integrated Dynamic Voltage Restorer-Ultra capacitor Design for Improving Power Quality of the Distribution Grid 2015 Download Download
394. An Interleaved High-Power Flyback Inverter for Photovoltaic Applications 2015 Download Download
395. An Isolated Three-Port Bidirectional DC–DC Converter for Photovoltaic Systems With Energy Storage 2015 Download Download
396. An Observer-Based Optimal Voltage Control Scheme for Three-Phase UPS Systems 2015 Download Download
397. Analysis and Mitigation of Resonance Propagation in Grid-Connected and Islanding Micro-grids 2015 Download Download
398. Analysis of the Phase-Shifted Carrier Modulation for Modular Multilevel Converters 2015 Download Download
399. Application of Fact Devices for Voltage Stability in a Power System 2015 Download Download
400. Application of Transformer-less UPFC for Interconnecting Synchronous AC Grids 2015 Download Download
401. Artificial Neural Networks Controller for Power System Voltage Improvement 2015 Download Download
402. Brushless DC Motor Speed Control using both PI Controller and Fuzzy PI Controller 2015 Download Download
403. Comparative Analysis of 2-Level and Multi-Level Inverter Fed Coupled 1M Drives Based on VIf and DTC Techniques 2015 Download Download
404. Comparison of Detailed Modeling Techniques for MMC Employed on VSC-HVDC Schemes 2015 Download Download
405. Constrained State Feedback Speed Control of PMSM Based on Model Predictive Approach 2015 Download Download
406. Control of PMSG-Based Wind Turbines for System Inertial Response and Power Oscillation Damping 2015 Download Download
407. Control Strategy for Improved Dynamic Performance of Variable-Speed Drives With Modular Multilevel Converter 2015 Download Download
408. Control Strategy of Solid State Power Electronic Transformer under VoltageDisturbance Conditions 2015 Download Download
409. DC/DC Buck Power Converter as a Smooth Starter for a DC Motor Based on a Hierarchical Control 2015 Download Download
410. Decoupling of Fluctuating Power in Single-Phase Systems Through a Symmetrical Half-Bridge Circuit 2015 Download Download
411. Distributed Voltage Control with Electric Springs: Comparison with STATCOM 2015 Download Download
412. Doubly Fed Induction Generator for Wind Energy Conversion Systems With Integrated Active Filter Capabilities 2015 Download Download
413. DVR with Auxiliary DC Voltage Source Provided by A High Power Diode Based Rectifier Used in MV Connection Substations 2015 Download Download
414. Elimination of DC-Link Current Ripple for Modular Multilevel Converters With Capacitor Voltage Balancing Pulse-Shifted Carrier PWM 2015 Download Download
415. Enhanced Phase-Shifted PWM Carrier Disposition for Interleaved Voltage-Source Inverters 2015 Download Download
416. Five-Level Inverter Using POD PWM Technique 2015 Download Download
417. Functional Modeling of Symmetrical Multi-pulse Autotransformer Rectifier Units for Aerospace Applications 2015 Download Download
418. Fuzzy Logic Control of DSTATCOM for Improving Power Quality and Dynamic Performance 2015 Download Download
419. High Accuracy and Fast Speed MPPT Methods for PV String Under Partially Shaded Conditions 2015 Download Download
420. High Step-Up Converter With Three-Winding Coupled Inductor for Fuel Cell Energy Source Applications 2015 Download Download
421. Hybrid Active Filter With Variable Conductance for Harmonic Resonance Suppresion in Industrial Power Systems 2015 Download Download
422. Hybrid Transformer ZVS/ZCS DC–DC Converter With Optimized Magnetics and Improved Power Devices Utilization for Photovoltaic Module Applications 2015 Download Download
423. Implementation of a New MRAS Speed Sensor less Vector Control of Induction Machine 2015 Download Download
424. Improved Power Rating of Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter 2015 Download Download
425. Improving the Performance of Cascaded H-bridge based Interline Dynamic Voltage Restorer 2015 Download Download
426. Improving the Wind Energy Conversion System Dynamics during Fault Ride through: UPFC versus STATCOM 2015 Download Download
427. Induction Motor Control With a Small DC-Link Capacitor Inverter Fed by Three-Phase Diode Front-end Rectifiers 2015 Download Download
428. Integration of Distributed Generation in the Volt/VAR Management System for Active Distribution Networks 2015 Download Download
429. Improved performance low-cost incremental conductance PV MPPT technique 2015 Download Download
430. Intelligent Control System for Micro grids Using Multi agent System 2015 Download Download
431. Intelligent Islanding and Seamless Reconnection Technique for Micro-grid With UPQC 2015 Download Download
432. Interleaved Boost-Integrated LLC Resonant Converter With Fixed-Frequency PWM Control for Renewable Energy Generation Applications 2015 Download Download
433. Islanding Detection Technique of Distribution Generation System 2015 Download Download
434. Low-Volume PFC Rectifier Based on Non-symmetric Multilevel Boost Converter 2015 Download Download
435. Maximum Power Point Tracking of Grid Connected Photovoltaic System Employing Model Predictive Control 2015 Download Download
436. Microgrid Operation for a Low Voltage Network with Renewable Energy Sources for Losses Minimisation and Voltage Control 2015 Download Download
437. Modular Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel PV Inverter With Distributed MPPT for Grid-Connected Applications 2015 Download Download
438. Modular Multilevel DC/DC Converters With Phase-Shift Control Scheme for High-Voltage DC-Based Systems 2015 Download Download
439. New Control of PV Solar Farm as STATCOM (PV-STATCOM) for Increasing Grid Power Transmission Limits During Night and Day 2015 Download Download
440. Novel high performance DC reactor type fault current limiter 2015 Download Download
442. Optimal Control of Shunt Active Power Filter to Meet IEEE Std. 519 Current Harmonic Constraints Under Non-ideal Supply Condition 2015 Download Download
442. Optimized Operation of Current-Fed Dual Active Bridge DC–DC Converter for PV Applications 2015 Download Download
443. Performance of Three Phase II-level Inverter with reduced number of switches using different PWM Techniques 2015 Download Download
444. Power Controllability of a Three-Phase Converter With an Unbalanced AC Source 2015 Download Download
445. Power quality improvement using a power electronic transformer based DVR 2015 Download Download
446. Power System Stabilization Using Virtual Synchronous Generator With Alternating Moment of Inertia 2015 Download Download
447. Predictive Torque Control Scheme for Three-Phase Four-Switch Inverter-Fed Induction Motor Drives With DC-Link Voltages Offset Suppression 2015 Download Download
448. Primary Frequency Control Contribution From Smart Loads Using Reactive Compensation 2015 Download Download
449. Pulse delay control for capacitor voltage balancing in a three-level boost neutral point clamped inverter 2015 Download Download
450. PV-Active Power Filter Combination Supplies Power to Nonlinear Load and Compensates Utility Current 2015 Download Download
451. Reduced Switches Based Three-Phase MultiLevel Inverter for Grid Integration 2015 Download Download
452. Reduction of Power Electronic Elements in Multilevel Converters Using a New Cascade Structure 2015 Download Download
453. Robust Control for Micro grid Frequency Deviation Reduction With Attached Storage System 2015 Download Download
454. Seventeen-Level Inverter Formed by Cascading Flying Capacitor and Floating Capacitor H-Bridges 2015 Download Download
455. Study of Very Fast Transient Over voltages and Mitigation Techniques of a Gas Insulated Substation 2015 Download Download
456. Suitable Single-Phase to Three-Phase AC–DC–AC Power Conversion System 2015 Download Download
457. Simulation And Performance Analysis Of Solar Pv-Wind Hybrid Energy System Using Matlab/Simulink 2015 Download Download
458. Smart Management of PREY and Renewable Energy Sources for Grid Peal( Demand Energy Supply 2015 Download Download
459. The Modular Multilevel Converter for High Step-Up Ratio DC–DC Conversion 2015 Download Download
460. Three-Phase Multilevel PFC Rectifier Based on Multistate Switching Cells 2015 Download Download
461. Three-phase tri-state buck–boost integrated inverter for solar applications 2015 Download Download
462. Energy Harvesting Combining Three Different Sources for Low Power Applications 2015 Download Download
463. A Synchronization Control Method for Micro-Grid with Droop Control 2015 Download Download
464. A High-Efficiency MOSFET Transformerless Inverter for Nonisolated Micro inverter Applications 2015 Download Download