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B.Tech-EEE-Embeded Systems 2019 - 2020

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Projects List


Base Paper

1. Smart DC Micro Grids: Modeling And Power Flow Analysis Of A DC Micro Grid For On-Grid And Weak-Grid Connected Communities IEEE Download
2. Secure And Sustainable Load Balancing Of Distribution Transformer IEEE Download
3. Design And Implementation Of A Sun Tracker With A Dual-Axis Control For An Optical Sensor-Based Photovoltaic System IEEE Download
4. AC-Fed Universal Motor With Open Loop Speed Control IEEE Download
5. Direct High-Speed Charging Of Electric Cars By Solar Panels IEEE Download
6. The Role Of Wireless Communication Systems To Control Smart Grids IEEE Download
7. GSM Based Automatic Irrigation Control System For Efficient Use Of Resources And Crop Planning By Using An Android Mobile IEEE Download
8. AMIDS: A Multi-Sensor Energy Theft Detection Framework For Advanced Metering Infrastructures IEEE Download
9. Industrial Automation And Control Based On Cyber-Physical Systems Technologies IEEE Download
10. Building A Sustainable Future Using Smart Street Lights IEEE Download
11. Analysis Of Fault Detection And Its Location Using Microcontroller For Underground Cables IEEE Download
12. Advanced Distribution Transformer Load Monitoring And Controlling By Using GSM Modem IEEE Download
13. Performance And Evaluation Of Microcontroller Based Multi Mode Sun Tracking Solar Photo Voltaic System IEEE Download
14. Analysis Of Microcontroller Based Four Quadrant Speed Control System For A DC Motor IEEE Download
15. Power Control Of Grid-Connected Converters Under Unbalanced Voltage Conditions IEEE Download
16. Strategic Zones For Substation Cyber Security Protection IEEE Download
17. Real Time Power Distribution System With RTC And GSM SMS Alert IEEE Download
18. Improving Energy Efficiency In Predicted Energy And Actual Energy Consumption Using WSN IEEE Download
19. Intelligent Pin And Voice Activated Home Automation IEEE Download
20. Post-Paid Wireless Meter Reading System For Automatic Power Controlling And Consumption Billing Applications IEEE Download
21. Micro Grid Architecture For Line Fault Detection And Isolation IEEE Download
22. Impact Of Open Phase Conditions On Electrical Power Systems IEEE Download
23. Variable Fan Speed Controller Using TRIAC IEEE Download
24. Pharos Measurement Units For The Distribution Grid IEEE Download
25. IOT Based Smart Farming System Using Sensors For Agricultural Task Automation IEEE Download
26. Remote Control Of Electrical Appliances Using GSM Networks IEEE Download
27. Battery Cell Balancing Optimization For Battery Management System IEEE Download
28. A Survey On Security Control And Attack Detection For Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems(SCADA) IEEE Download
29. Distributed And Centralized System Protection Schemes Against Voltage And Current Emergencies IEEE Download
30. Energy Saving By Automatic Control Of Power In Simple Home Appliances IEEE Download
31. IOT Based Energy Meter Reading System With Automatic Billing IEEE Download
32. Home And Industrial Safety Using Fire And Gas Detection System Using GSM Message And Alert IEEE Download
33. Fault Acknowledgement System For Ups Using GSM IEEE Download
34. Radio Frequency Based Automatic Meter Reading System IEEE Download
35. Vehicle Collision Detection And Avoidance IEEE Download
36. Interconnection Switches On-Off State Identification Of Distribution Networks Based On Load Measurement IEEE Download
37. Time And Device Based Priority Induced Demand Side Load Management In Smart Home With Consumer Budget Limit IEEE Download
38. Smart Home Energy Management System For Continuous Power Supply With Economic Utilization Of Electrical Energy IEEE Download
39. New Protection Scheme For Power Transformer Based On Superimposed Differential Current IEEE Download
40. Research On Thermal Deformation Modeling Of High Speed Motor Control IEEE Download
41. Energy Efficient Sun Synchronous Solar Panels Using Ldr Sensor IEEE Download
42. Real Time Automation Of Agriculture Land IEEE Download
43. Design And Implementation Of PWM Based Speed Controller On Optimized Dc Machine Driver With The Help Of GSM Message IEEE Download
44. A Lightweight And Flexible Encryption Scheme To Protect Sensitive Data In Smart Building Scenarios IEEE Download
45. Intelligent Electrical Load Shedding In Heavily Loaded Industrial Establishments IEEE Download
46. Real-Time Monitoring Of Transmission Line Parameters IEEE Download
47. Distributed Smart Home Architecture For Data Handling In Smart Grid IEEE Download
48. Real-Time WSN Based Environmental Sensor Data Detection, Control And Monitoring System IEEE Download
49. Sensor Based Solar System Using Electronic Circuits For Moisture Detection And Auto-Irrigation IEEE Download
50. To Enhance The Security For Home/ATM With The Help Of Sensor And Controllers IEEE Download
51. Fault Location In Radial Distribution System Based On Optimized Allocation Of Power Quality Meters IEEE Download
52. Disaster: Dedicated Intelligent Security Attacks On Sensor-Triggered Emergency Responses IEEE Download
53. Experimental Study On The Tolerance Ability Of Adjustable Speed Drives To Voltage Sags For Universal Motor Using IGBT IEEE Download
54. Determination Of Time Intervals For Statically Secure Distribution Line Control IEEE Download