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M.Tech-Internet Of Things (IOT) 2020-21

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Internet Of Things (IOT) Projects

1. Optimal Resource Allocation in Energy Efficient Internet of Things Networks with Imperfect CSI 2020 Download Download
2. Sliding Window Blockchain Architecture for Internet of Things 2020 Download Download
3. Sybil Attack in RPL-Based Internet of Things: Analysis and Defenses 2020 Download Download
4. Neural-Network-Based Root Mean Delay Spread Model for Ubiquitous Indoor Internet-of-Things Scenarios 2020 Download Download
5. A Survey of Identity Modeling and Identity Addressing in Internet of Things 2020 Download Download
6. Edge Computing based Trustworthy Data Collection Model in the Internet of Things 2020 Download Download
7. Classifying IoT Devices in Smart Environments Using Network Traffic Characteristics 2019 Download Download
8. Computing Resource Trading for Edge-Cloud-assisted Internet of Things 2019 Download Download
9. Resource Allocation for Ultra-reliable and Enhanced Mobile Broadband IoT Applications in Fog Network 2019 Download Download
10. Noisy Vibrational Pairing of IoT Devices 2019 Download Download
11. Privacy Preserving Tensor-Based Multiple Clusterings on Cloud for Industrial IoT 2019 Download Download
12. Secure Data Sharing and Searching at the Edge of Cloud-Assisted Internet of Things 2017 Download Download