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Projects List


1. Mix design of concrete Download
2. Mix ratio in concrete Download
3. Highway test Download
4. Pavement design Download
5. Construction planning of (G+6) using Staad pro Download
6. Drip irrigation design Download
7. Surveying project Download
8. Flexible pavements design by CBR method Download
9. Highway project Download
10. Aggregates testing Download
11. Impact of Rice Husk Ash an cement concrete Download
12. Study on fly ash bricks Download
13. Impact of crushed stones in concrete Download
14. Design of super structure Download
15. Water sampling test Download
16. Soil stabilization and reinforcement Download
17. Village sanitation system Download
18. An alignment of optimization model for a simple highway network Download
19. Designing and planning of auditorium using Staad pro Download
20. Bridge deck design by Staad pro Download
21. Metro project mini Download
22. Quality of resources for a city Download
23. Glass fiber reinforced concrete Download
24. Construction of residential building by using ETABS Download
25. A case study for gated community for residential buildings Download
26. A case study on green buildings in India Download
27. Railway engineering project Download
28. Surveying project Download
29. Mix design of concrete by using polymer fiber Download
30. Fiber reinforced concrete Download
31. Application of waste foundary sand for evolution of low cost concrete Download
32. Management for construction materials and control of construction waste in construction industry: A Review Download
33. Review on earthquake resistant wooden house Download
34. Waste of materials in construction industry Download
35. Analysis and execution of NH-5 Download
36. Irrigation system analysis Download
37. Seismic analysis of building by using ETABS Download
38. Design of girder bridge by staad pro Download
39. Dynamic analysis of multi story building by ETABS Download
40. Wind load analysis of building by using staad pro Download