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M.Tech-Artificial Intelligence (2020-21)

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Artificial Intelligence Projects

1. An Interactive Perception Method for Warehouse Automation in Smart Cities 2021 Download Download
2. Attention Consistent Network for Remote Sensing Scene Classification 2021 Download Download
3. A Realistic Image Generation of Face From Text Description Using the Fully Trained Generative Adversarial Networks 2021 Download Download
4. Person Re-Identification With Reinforced Attribute Attention Selection 2021 Download Download
5. Integrating Stacked Sparse Auto-Encoder Into Matrix Factorization for Rating Prediction 2021 Download Download
6. An Unsupervised Ensemble Clustering Approach for the Analysis of Student Behavioral Patterns 2021 Download Download
7. Trustworthiness in Industrial IoT Systems Based on Artificial Intelligence 2020 Download Download
8. Explaining Deep Learning-Based Traffic Classification Using a Genetic Algorithm 2020 Download Download
9. Progressive Learning for Person Re-Identification with One Example 2019 Download Download
10. Fine-Grained Image Classification Using Modified DCNNs Trained by Cascaded Softmax and Generalized Large-Margin Losses 2019 Download Download
11. A Cross-Domain Recommender System With Kernel-Induced Knowledge Transfer for Overlapping Entities 2019 Download Download
12. A Deep Neural Framework for Continuous Sign Language Recognition by Iterative Training 2019 Download Download
13. Deep Additive Least Squares Support Vector Machines for Classification With Model Transfer 2019 Download Download
14. PCCA: Position Confidentiality Conserving Algorithm for Content-Protection in e-Governance Services and Applications 2018 Download Download
15. DeepClue: Visual Interpretation of Text-based Deep Stock Prediction 2018 Download Download
16. Improving Deep Learning Performance Using Random Forest HTM Cortical Learning Algorithm 2018 Download Download