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M.Tech-Machine Learning (python) (2020-21)

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Machine Learning (Python) Projects

1. Pymoo: Multi-objective Optimization in Python 2020 Download Download
2. Performance Evaluation of Machine Learning in Wireless Connected Robotics Swarms 2020 Download Download
3. Synthetic NET: A 3GPP Compliant Simulator for AI Enabled 5G and Beyond 2020 Download Download
4. Automatic Detection of Genetic Diseases in Pediatric Age Using Pupillometry 2020 Download Download
5. A Trustworthy Privacy Preserving Framework for Machine Learning in Industrial IoT Systems 2020 Download Download
6. Taming an Autonomous Surface Vehicle for Path Following and Collision Avoidance Using Deep Reinforcement Learning 2020 Download Download
7. Research on Risk Prediction of Dyslipidemia in Steel Workers Based on Recurrent Neural Network and LSTM Neural Network 2020 Download Download
8. An Open-Ended Continual Learning for Food Recognition Using Class Incremental Extreme Learning Machines 2020 Download Download
9. Flexible Machine Learning Based Cyber attack Detection Using Spatiotemporal Patterns for Distribution Systems 2020 Download Download
10. Prediction for Manufacturing Factors in a Steel Plate Rolling Smart Factory Using Data Clustering-Based Machine Learning 2020 Download Download
11. Evaluating Machine Learning Techniques for Detecting Offensive and Hate Speech in South African Tweets 2020 Download Download
12. COVID-19 Future Forecasting Using Supervised Machine Learning Models 2020 Download Download
13. A Novel Software Engineering Approach Toward Using Machine Learning for Improving the Efficiency of Health Systems 2020 Download Download
14. Active Learning From Imbalanced Data: A Solution of Online Weighted Extreme Learning Machine 2019 Download Download
15. A Nonlinear Regression Application via Machine Learning Techniques for Geomagnetic Data Reconstruction Processing 2019 Download Download
16. A Method for Sensor Reduction in a Supervised Machine Learning Classification System 2019 Download Download
17. Dynamic Auto-selection and Auto-tuning of Machine Learning Models for Cloud Network Analytics 2019 Download Download
18. Automatically Evaluating Balance: A Machine Learning Approach 2019 Download Download
19. Fast and Communication-Efficient Algorithm for Distributed Support Vector Machine Training 2019 Download Download
20. Adversarial Deep Learning Models with Multiple Adversaries 2019 Download Download
21. Universal Approximation Capability of Broad Learning System and Its Structural Variations 2019 Download Download
22. Multimodal Machine Learning: A Survey and Taxonomy 2019 Download Download
23. Computer Vision and Machine Learning for Viticulture Technology 2018 Download Download
24. A novel method for implementing Artificial Intelligence, Cloud and Internet of Things in Robots 2018 Download Download
25. Data Classification with Deep Learning using Tensorflow 2017 Download Download